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More data security in the case of hard drive failures

For sensitive data having everything under your own control is always the best protection. This is why we now offer the RECT™ Smart Warranty .HDD as a clever component for the extension of the service agreements for RECT™ servers and computers. That way you can keep your data under control – even in the case of a hard drive failure.

What can you do when a hard drive is damaged and the data that is stored on it might fall into the hands of unauthorized persons? You can't just give those hard drives to anybody. Especially not if highly confidential and sensitive data was stored or processed. But to get the necessary replacement, you usually have to return the faulty hard drive because the general service agreements require you to do so. But if strict data protection rules or internal regulations prevent a return of the faulty hard drive, the only option you quite often have is buying a new hard drive even though your warranty theoretically covers a replacement once the faulty hard drive is returned.

With the RECT™ Smart Warranty .HDD you solve this problem in a very easy way. And you enhance the security of your sensitive data. How this is possible? You can simply keep the faulty storage medium and we will still give you the necessary replacement. That way you keep your confidential data under your own control. And you can decide what will happen to the faulty hard drive and whether or rather how you want to dispose of it.

This service is available as an option for almost all of our RECT™ systems in the RECT™ shop. If you need an individual configuration, do not hesitate to talk to your personal contact about the possibilities you have for the RECT™ Smart Warranty .HDD Service.
The overview shows you a selection of RECT™ computers and servers for which you can choose the RECT™ Smart Warranty .HDD as an option.