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Stationary computing systems for business require the highest quality in development, manufacturing and in the product itself. This is the only way for companies to ensure that investments in computer and server systems remain transparent and calculable.

CORETO takes over the guarantee for RECT™ products and can also prove a high standard of quality.

Guidelines for development:
Testing of technology
The specific customer's benefit from new technologies is proven.
New and modern technologies are tested in the complete system.
Testing of compatibility
Compatibility of components is tested.
Planning of product
Guidelines for a high-quality production are developed.

Guidelines for production:
Standards of production
RECT™ products are fabricated solely according to the development-based guidelines.
Extensive trial-run operations test in an automated way and then record the operability of the individual system.
Checking of properties
Our benchmark tests check the system for specific properties of types within a defined range.

By the way: we apply the traditional double check principle to our testing methods. Only when two members of staff have signed for operability and characteristics of the system it is eligible for delivery. Due to those methods of production and testing we have been able to bring the delivery of defective systems down to nearly 0 %. In order to be able to maintain this quota in the future, we keep expanding our trial-run-method continuously.