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We will gladly pre-set up a trade account for you, thus earlier than your first order and of course completely non-committal for you. Because all it mostly saves precious time when the decisions are made and the project is coming up soon. Beyond that the trade account will provide you even several advantages:
  • you will have a personal consultant
  • you become acquainted with our RECT™-Shop
  • you can access our Order-Tracking
  • We get an insight into your requests , into your demands
Please don't disregard that it's your choice in the RECT™-Shop: you just can register now or of course later, also whilst the order process. We also offer you in the order process here- , similiar to this form – to let us have your data, your requests as well as your demands.

Furthermore please consider in so doing that CORETO sell solely to companies, tradesmen, business people, freelancer (medics, lawyer, etc.) public agencies and establishments.

In case you decided on now initiating the setup of a trade account, we need as much as possible of the requested information to close the registry as complete and smoothly.

Your contact data:

For the setup of the trade account, your data in the fields marked with * is needed. Please mind that it helps us for a custom-fit service to have your data of all fields.

Favoured handling:

Delivery times, transport routes, service-level or just the favoured way of contact etc.

Your favoured method of payment:

We straight offer you different methods of payment at the RECT™-Shop as well as at the direct selling. You need to make the decision for example if you would like to benefit the 5% price advantage at the prepayment or if you still would like to pay comfortable on account:

Your special interest:

It would be helpful for our offer and our custom-fit advice if you give us already leads for the correct estimate now. Of course without obligation and by your choice.

For making a rough estimate: In which division new IT-systems are required?

Could you already find a suitable offer here at RECT™-shop?

Do you require direct support by one of our consultants?
Before sending us the filled form we, the whole CORETO RECT™ team, would like to assure you that your data is kept in safe custody and is only used for development of business relations. The setup of the trade account is for free and without any obligation. Sharing the data to third parties is excluded.
Please note our regulations regarding data protection.