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Servers matching the technical demands of virtualization. Hardware virtualization gives you way more flexibility, a higher degree of capacity utilization, device independence and the opportunity to let the reliability of operation grow with the actual needs of your business – just to name a few highlights. Both Microsoft and VMware offer outstanding Hypervisor solutions spanning the complete range from single-server variants at no cost up to comprehensive management scenarios suited for computing centers.

May we help you with finding the solution that’s best for you? Our servers from the VMware series are fully certified and supported by VMware, servers from the Microsoft series will without exception be delivered with the corresponding WHQL drivers, introducing unforeseen levels of stability. Some of our pre-configured solutions have already found their way into the Cluster category. Let’s talk about the various failover solutions and the amount of virtual and physical nodes you want to apply. Another basic requirement for many virtualization scenarios is a central shared storage. Take a look at our Storage category. The fault-tolerant HA bundle featuring Open-E DSS V7 is of course certified by the software manufacturer as well. And since the speed of your servers should not be slowed down by the network, you will find suitable 10G switches under RECT Accessories.

Servers with VMware vSphere ESXi

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