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RECT™ Systems with AMD Processors
RECT computer based on AMD processors

RECT server systems based on AMD processors are custom-made tower as well as 19“ rack server systems with continous cost- and energy-efficient server performance. The latest AMD server processors provide best performance data and low energy consumption at the same time with its high number of processor cores and the excellent performance per watt. Real advantages provide our RECT server based on AMD processors due to the comparativeliy low prime costs, an excellent price-performance-ratio and the low running costs.

RECT computer based on AMD processors

RECT computer offer a perfect coordinated working appliance – silent, engergy-efficient and cost-effective. At the workstation segment, RECT computer based on AMD desktop and workstation processors provide formidable performance data and low energy consumption at the same time. The comparativeliy low prime costs provide all in all an excellent price-performance-ratio. RECT computer based on AMD processors are real performance packages with reasoned sustainability.


Ryzen Threadripper

Ryzen Workstation

Ryzen Server


Tower-Server RECT™ Entry Tower

Tower-Server Mid-Range

Tower-Server High-End

1U rack servers Server

2U rack servers Server

3U rack servers Server

4U rack servers Server


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