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RECT™ server with Intel ProcessorsRECT™ server with Intel Processors
RECT™ computer with Intel ProcessorsRECT™ computer with Intel Processors

RECT™ Server based on Intel processors

With RECT™ server systems we provide our customers with custom-tailored tower as well as 19" rack server with intelligent and efficient server performance. The latest, most intelligent Intel® server processors offer a smart and therby efficient energy-saving management. In this way Intel® server processors support customer-oriented performance specifications, controlled energy consumption and integrated virtualisation technology. This provides the needed high reliability and best performnance at the same time for demanding applications. Andi t is conducive to reduce your running costs.

RECT™ computer with Intel ProcessorsRECT™ computer with Intel Processors

RECT™ computer based on Intel processors

RECT™ computer offer a perfect working appliance – silent, powerful and energy-efficient. With the latest Intel® desktop and workstation processors we provide RECT™ computer with intelligent and efficient performance specifications as the basis for excellent production systems direct at the workplace. The PCs are easy and safe to handle and therby increase the productivity of the employee. RECT™ computer, based on Intel processors for workstations, provide intelligent technology with maximum performance.


RECT™ Systems with Intel ProcessorsRECT™ Systems with Intel Processors

Intel Inside | Performance Outside

Intel® zeichnet CORETO auch 2020 wieder mit dem „Platinum“ Status im Intel® Technology Provider Programm aus.
Damit erreichen wir bereits zum sechsten Mal die höchste Stufe im so wichtigen Intel® Partnerprogramm.
Die Nähe zu den weltweit besten Herstellern ist für uns ein wichtiger Garant für Zuverlässigkeit und Schnelligkeit und insbesondere den immer wieder optimalen Einsatz der innovativsten Technologien in unseren RECT™ Servern, Storages und Rechnern. Für den branchenführenden Chip- und Plattformhersteller Intel® gilt dies für uns in ganz besonderem Maße.

RECT™ computer with Intel Processors



RECT™ server with Intel Processors

Tower Server Entry

Tower Server Mid-Range

1U rack servers

2U rack servers

3U rack servers

4U rack servers

Multinode Server

GPU Server

Storage Server

Virtualization VMware

Virtualization Microsoft Hyper-V

The latest server and computer trends in the RECT™ shop

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