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1U Rack Server with two Intel Xeon E5-v4 Dual-CPU systems

1U Rack Server with 2 Intel Xeon E5-v4 systems and 8 hot-swap trays

2-Nodes with NVMe Support in 2U Rack Server

RECT™ RS-8585R4-Twin

RECT™ RS-8585R8-Twin

RECT™ RS-8685VR24-Twin

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2,125 €
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2,502 €
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3,532 €

2TB (2048 GB) DDR4-RAM in 2U Rack Server with 4 dual Intel Xeon E5-2600v4 systems

RECT™ RS-8685VR24-TwinPro²

RECT™ custom-made products

If you have special needs - speak with us. We provide advice, help you plan and come up with a solution that's right.
  • Adjusted hardware and software configurations
  • Customized system test runs
  • Individual service agreements (SLA)
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5,695 €
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