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A RECT server with money-back guarantee!
Our introductory offer – our offer for new customers

Just to get things started easily! New server, new technology, new supplier, new handling, new people: lots questions and maybe even uncertainties you might worry about. We at CORETO don’t want to worry about changes. We want to give our new customers the opportunity of trial: a trial without reserve and without risk, thanks to our money-back guarantee for your first RECT server system.

As a new customer, you can just relax and choose your first RECT server.
Yes, you don’t know us yet. That’s exactly why we want to make that introductory offer to you. Use the RECT configurator and order a system with money-back guarantee. After that, we’re building, testing and shipping your server. Then it’s your turn to consider and evaluate it. If you like it, you can keep it. If not, let us know and we’ll pick it up and refund your money. It’s just that easy!

Please note: we have made a preselection of different RECT server configurations with money-back guarantee. You will recognize them by the sign. Configurations with the money-back sign may contain particular components and especially software that cannot be refunded due to various guidelines made by the manufacturers of these parts. As a matter of course, the items in question can also be identified by a corresponding label. If you don’t want to miss a component or piece of software that cannot be refunded within our regular money-back guarantee, please speak with one of our RECT consultants. They will work out a way for you to make use of the guarantee after all.

Important: Our introductory offer with money-back guarantee is limited to one server per order and one server new customer. Any entitlement for refunds expires 14 days after delivery. The will to make demands on these refunds has to be declared on day 14 after delivery the latest.

The servers with introductory offer